San Francisco will never be the same. The 8th International Congress of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology convened at Cathedral Hill Hotel in December 1997 and a grand meeting it was! A spectacular array of speakers shared what has heart and meaning for us. We heard from the cellular to the cosmic articulations of the healing power of perinatal consciousness. Indeed, after the opening night, when the word "spirituality" was spoken three times, I knew we were in for an event of mythic proportions! As Wendy McCord said, "We just might be a reincarnated Mystery School." This would account for so many having the feeling of coming home when attending APPPAH conferences. And what joy that the family reunion is no longer dysfunctional, for we have removed our filters and can see the awakening amidst us. Many of APPPAH's members have been like alarm clocks in their own lines of work, and they discovered that some people don't like to be awakened. Indeed, somnambulists are even grumpy and take revenge upon the alarm clock! We heard at the Closing Circle how many had lost their jobs when they shared their startling ideas about pre- and perinatal psychology. How good to be in a Congress where the givens of life are shared by so many with a devotion to deepen the exploration. Of all the Associations to which I speak, I have found APPPAH unique in its desire to make its professions obsolete. The members, dedicated to healing the earth by healing birth, would celebrate the day when the reparative and educational jobs we do are no longer needed. We share a common passion: every baby is a welcomed baby. I have long envisioned us all sitting in a circle sharing our stories with one another to inspire the work which gives meaning to our lives. I am grateful for Steve Scott of NOCIRC Utah, Shivam Rachana from Australia, Jay Hathaway of the Bradley Childbirth Organization, and Marilyn Milos of NOCIRC International who made this dream a reality with their stories during the Closing Ceremony. Most of all, abundant thanks to Maureen Wolfe, William Emerson and Barbara Findeisen for envisioning the congress and gathering us all together.

A Chorus of Praise

"I was sad that the wonderful event in San Francisco was over...I'm so full of new ideas and encouragement." "Wow...The Congress was terrific!" "It was a pleasure to be part of the Congress...You are leading a new awareness for many professionals in childbirth." "The things I learned have already been immeasurably helpful to me in my practice...This makes my life as a midwife rich. Thank you." "This conference was the best yet! It was great to gather with the APPPAH Family." "I hated to leave..."