Special Interest Groups

Time was made available for special interest groups to convene and create their own programs at 5 pm. Some of the groups and their speakers were these:

Birth Therapies

Elaine Childs-Gowell, Ph.D, Jeane Rhodes, Ph.D, and Anne Maiden, Ph.D.

Birth Practitioners

Sandra Bardsley, Karen Frank, R.N., CCE, Teresa Robinson, CNM, M.S.N., and midwife June Whitson, R.N.

Body-Related Therapy

Cindy Silverlock, CMT and Patricia Cramer

Circumcision: From Harm to Healing.

Marilyn Milos, R.N., Steve Scott, Tim Hamilton, Mary Conant, R.N., Morris Sorrells, M.D., and Jeannine Parvati Baker.

Infant Massage

Emma Miller and Kalena Babeschoff, C.M.T.

Pre- and Perinatal Music

Dolores Clark, M.F.C.C., Sister Lorna Zemke, D.M.A., and Renee Guindi, musician. Audiotapes of all Congress presentations can be ordered from Vicky Jeters.

Saturday Night Jamboree

A wealth of concurrent sessions was offered on Saturday Night. The list and a sampler of Abstracts follows.


Nancy Verrier, Michael Trout, Marcy Axness, Carol Schaefer and Ginger Maker.


Kelduyn Garland, Susanne Arms, John Sonne, and Victoria Thorn


Tony Madrid and Diane Zimberoff

Parenting and Beyond

Janae and Barry Weinhold, Dennis and Sheila Linn.

The Earliest Bond

Carista Luminare-Rosen, Mary Knight, Niravi Payne

Prenatal Technology and Psychology

Joann O'Leary, M.P.H., neonatologist Judy Ney and Sue Papke, perinatal nurse.