Basic Goodness: The Origins and Development of Trust, Empathy, and Altruism

Thomas R. Verny, M.D., D.Psych. The starting state of every human being is one of love, compassion, and trust. This innate goodness is gradually corrupted by external biological and psychological factors. A few individuals survive these negative influences. Factors that enhance the development of healthy, caring, and empathic personality were explored. Of particular importance are the prenatal communications between mother-child, birthing practices, bonding opportunities, and the modeling of moral qualities by the parents.

Love and Healing: Birth and Soul

Barbara Findeisen, MFCC Birth is both a physical and psychological event including both the mind and emotions. Birth is a symbol of awakening, emerging, changing, and new beginnings. Everyone sees birth as a physical event but few see birth as a psychological event. Birth symbols are found in all cultures, in art, myths, and fairy tales as well as in everyday language. Least understood in our society is birth as a spiritual event. Birth is often a transpersonal experience bringing opportunities for altered states of a spiritual nature. Women may describe birth in mystical terms. I believe the souls of infants before and after birth also have spiritual experiences. In over twenty years of regressing clients to pre- and perinatal memories, I have been present as many have touched inner levels of spirit which they had previously denied as a possibility. Not unlike a near-death experience (NDE) a during- birth experience (DBE) contains insights which can forever alter one's way of viewing life. In exploring the connections between spirituality and birth, we discover the healing power of love. With that understanding, we are even more aware of the importance of our work in transforming birth in our society.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Audiotapes of all Congress piresentations are now indexed, searchable, and available from Vicky Jeters

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