PsychoNeuroEndocrine Perspective on Childbirth: connecting the dots

As birth professionals, we have been told that childbirth is that process to “get the baby and its placenta out of the uterus”. Physiology, however, under the psychoneuroendocrine perspective, links the individual's biological processes of giving birth and being born to their emotions, behaviors and neuromodulation. Complex processes happen in the mother’s brain during pregnancy, making
pregnancy itself the best preparation to childbirth and to life after birth. Anna Maria Rossetti offers the science of PsychoNeuroEndocrinePhysiology to help the community change the old paradigms with a new definition of birth. The profound and delicate physiology of pregnancy and birth is an opportunity for mother and baby to meet at birth in a specific neuroendocrine state for  bonding and attachment.
In this presentation Anna wants to offer the comprehension of how the physiology of the three trimesters of pregnancy is linked to the three stages of childbirth and to the three trimesters of exogestation, within a process meant to have long term effects. Uterus, foetal-placental system, nipples and cervix are linked to the autonomous nervous system: in the process of maternity they become
environment’s sensors. Midwifery care, culture, society are all interlocutors: they are modulators of human biology. Modern midwifery care must acknowledge the bigger picture to promote a much needed sustainability in midwifery care. Caring for the process as a whole, means taking major actions to switch paradigms:

  • to become a good enough environment, with a strong physiological knowledge and compassionate communication skills
  •  to step out the unilateral vision of pregnancy and birth as dangerous processes
  • to acknowledge how stress interferes with both the psychological and
    biological adaptations
  • to offer a Salutogenic approach focused on Resources rather than on Risk
    factors, preventing the effects of stress before it interferes with growth and
  • to offer helpful interventions, when needed, with a view on the long term
    effects of our interventions (sustainability)

Anna Maria Rosetti is an independent midwife, Director of the post graduate School of Midwifery Art set in Florence, Italy, international lecturer, and author. Anna Maria works internationally offering lectures and workshops on the theoretical and practical aspects of PsychoNeuroEndocrinePhysiology (PNEP) applied to pregnancy and childbirth. Anna Maria has a Master Degree in Posturology and Manual Therapies and in Continuity of Care in Midwifery and teaches manual treatments to treat stress during pregnancy, during labour with a special attention to the autonomous nervous system during difficult labours and births. She is experienced in treating vaginal, perineal and abdominal childbirth related scars, both under the physical and symbolic, emotional aspects.