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May, 1992
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ABSTRACT:This paper compares marriages of couples who gave birth at home in a private, loving, intimate way with a group who delivered in the hospital using the customary medical model of birth. Significant differences were found between the two groups at 4- and 12-months postpartum regarding the quality of the love relationship. The do-it-yourself homebirthers revealed far more compatibility in their marriages than did their hospital-delivered counterparts.



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Marilyn A. Moran is the author of Birth and the Dialogue of Love and editor of Happy Birth Days, a collection of 50 do-it-yourself homebirth accounts which appeared in The New Nativity. Her youngest child was born at home with just her husband, as planned, nineteen years ago. Address correspondence to the author at The New Nativity, P.O. Box 6223, Leawood, KS 66206, USA.