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October, 1996
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Benig Mauger, B.A.

"And then I heard them lift a Box

And creak across my soul

With those same boots of lead," (Emily Dickinson)

Benig Mauger B.A. is a Jungian psychotherapist trained in both humanistic psychology and analytical psychotherapy. She is also a Birth teacher and founded the Holistic Birth Centre where she taught prenatal and postnatal courses for many years. She specializes in the psychology of childbirth and of the pre- and perinatal period, and works with individuals and groups as well as teaching and running workshops for the midwifery and other health professionals. She is currently in private practice in Ireland and is a member of the Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy (AGIP). (U.K.C.P. registered psychoanalytic psychotherapist). She is the author of a major study on the subject entitled Giving Birth and Being Born: The Wounded Mother and The Emerging Child. She lives and works in Ireland and is the mother of three children.