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March, 2015
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This article the dramatic efficacy of homeopathy in removing traumas absorbed by the fetus during pregnancy and birth.


Homeopathic medicine, Pre and perinatal Trauma, Fetal TraumaHomeopathic medicine has been evolving for over 200 years. This article shows its dramatic efficacy in removing traumas absorbed by the fetus during pregnancy and birth. Homeopathy and the principles upon which it works are explained. Case histories from clinical practice illustrate how homeopathy heals the resulting maladies of psyche and body from pre and perinatal traumas. We are all too familiar with how imbalanced the mind and body can become in the face of these traumas which are often primary etiologies for autistic spectrum disorders, OCD, phobias, aggression, ADHD, and more. Homeopathy serves to deepen awareness of fetal trauma in our imperfect world, while providing real therapeutic solutions.


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