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October, 1989
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Verbal metaphors and their behavioral counterparts are discussed within the context of pre and perinatal issues. The major developmental stages are illustrated by the patient's use of language. These metaphors may emerge frequently in casual conversation or during periods of stress throughout life. As an example phrases such as "no way out" express the energy bound in prolonged labor and "being pulled in all directions" is related to a forceps assisted delivery. The baby's reaction to physical and psychological experiences during gestation may be discerned from verbal cues. These symbolic statements offer new possibilities in the realm of diagnosis and psychotherapeutic treatment.


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Sandra G. Landsman, Ph.D.

Sandra G. Landsman, Ph.D., is a psychologist and healer in private practice in Jupiter, Florida. Address correspondence to the author at P.O. Box 7134, Jupiter, FL 33468-7134.