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January, 2013
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Compared with two surveys of usual care, these data provide strong support for the hypotheses that HypnoBirthing mothers have: fewer medical inductions (3.3%-21.1% difference); less IV fluids (37.9%-42.1% difference); less continuous fetal monitoring (42.4%-44.3% difference; less pitocin infusion (18%-19% difference); fewer artificial rupture of membranes (18.8%-18.9% difference); fewer IV/IM anesthesias (4.4%-5.7% difference); fewer episiotomies (13.3%-15.1% difference); fewer epidural anesthesias (44.6%-49.1% difference); fewer caesarian sections (14.4%-17% difference); less frequent use of obstetricians (25%-39.7% difference); more frequent use of midwives (42.2%-45.3% difference); less use of hospitals (11.5%-12.3% difference); more use of home and birthing centers; more use of a wider variety of birthing positions; and infants of older gestational age than usual care. Self-selection is likely a major factor in our findings.