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January, 2011
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Four essays of unique importance in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology and health are reprinted here with the permission of Michel Odent, Director of the Primal Health Research Center in London and editor of the newsletter Primal Health Research. Essay No. 1 focuses on the use of sytnthetic oxytocin, called
Syntocinon or Pitocin, and addresses important questions regarding this widespread practice. Essay No. 2 expands upon this, addressing the use of drugs in obstetrics from a wider perspective. Essay No. 3 proposes that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift regarding preterm births and that this shift should be looked at in the framework of a turning point in the history of medicine and health sciences. Essay No. 4 deepens and
widens the discussion to take an editorial look at “inconvenient truth” from a pre and perinatal perspective.