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March, 2000
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Already a British medical missionary and parasitologist, Lake trained in psychiatry. He used LSD from 1954 to 1969, but turned to deep breathing and other approaches. Following pioneers in psychotherapy he facilitated deep regression. By recognizing the original context of a primal memory patients re-integrated the separate memory systems. Lake scientifically defended the feasibility that cell memory could antedate brain memory. Some of his insights into maternal-fetal effects have been corroborated in sociology, criminology, obstetrics and biochemistry. Valuing child-bearers helps their offspring to know they are loved, and so be less prone to depression, compulsions, violence. Coordinating psychotherapy and theology, Lake sought individual and social change.


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Simon H. House, MA (Natural Sciences and Theology)

Simon H House is a priest in the Church of England with experience in counselling, particularly primal integration therapy. He retired early from parish work to elucidate and promote ways from before conception of bringing children into the world, which can prevent physiological and psychological impairment. He can be reached at 22 Stanley Street, Southsea, Portsmouth PO5 2DS. Email: shhouse@dircon.co.uk

This article contains both footnotes indicated in superscript and Reference notes.

APPENDIX: Context and Follow-up of Lake's Work

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Writers on personal development, society and psychotherapy particularly valued by Lake

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Sources on Lake

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Other authors/editors: Carol Christian, Stephen Maret, John Peters, Roy Ridgway, David Wasdell, Amethyst, Clinical Theology Association (CTA).

Organisations currently extending Lake's ways of working:

Clinical Theology Association


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