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October, 1995
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ISPPM Congress in Heidelberg

A small hotel on the mountainside overlooking the castle in the old city of Heidelberg, Germany was the romantic gathering place for the 11th Congress of our sister organization, the International Society for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine (ISPPM). About two hundred enthusiasts were drawn from all parts of Europe and from as far away as Brazil, Australia and Thailand. Eight of us made the journey from North America.

Many concurrent sessions (three to four rooms busy at a time) were scheduled and papers were read in German or English, with only informal translation available on a catch-as-catch-can basis. Coffee breaks (with genuine German pastries) and luncheons facilitated feverish networking activity, one of the prime values of any conference. Unusual interest was shown in sessions given by Thomas Verny, David Chamberlain, Barbara Findeisen, Jane English, Franz Veldman (France), Binnie Dansby and David Wasdell (England), Peter Hepper (Ireland), and Leo Leader (Australia).

Ludwig Janus, M. D., now President of ISPPM, received a standing ovation for his geniality and patience as congress chairperson. At that time, I expressed appreciation on behalf of APPPAH and presented him with the \"California Award,\" a colorful statue of Mickey Mouse-which everyone seemed to appreciate! At their business meeting, members of ISPPM chose distinguished endocrinologist Deryk Gupta as their President-Elect for the next three years until their congress in 1999. They are contemplating holding the congress of 2002 in Sydney, Australia and wondered if we could participate. Any reactions?

For me, the most inspirational moments were moments of mutual enthusiasm about ideas, meeting individuals whose lives had been changed by birth-oriented therapy or by books and papers in prenatal psychology, and witnessing the application of prenatal insights to public programs in places like Milan, Bangkok, and Yemen.


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