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January 1, 1990

Preconception Care, Incorporated Newsletter

Preconception Care, Inc. has been conceived and is now in gestation. We hope to bring it to birth sometime within the next several months, a lusty and healthy organization.

Thanks to a large donation from the Honorable Daniel L. Quinlan, which was a manna from heaven, and several smaller donations, we are able to proceed with work on our most urgent need, the preparation of a comprehensive instructional manual. This will be based largely on the English manual, Guidelines for Future Parents. This should become available within the next several months.

If our organization were to choose a slogan, we could not do better than the classic quotation of Dr. Jonathan Maberly of Yorkshire, England: "The most important period in an individual's life is from six months before conception through the first two years or so of life." The best of care at a later time may be of little use, if damage has been done during this critical time.

We are taking as our model an English group called "Foresight," which commenced its work in 1979. Working with high risk couples, a majority with histories of previous problem pregnancies, they have had astoundingly successful results in reducing the incidence of birth defects, low birth-weight babies, miscarriages, and infant mortality. Beginning their work with couples at least 6 months before anticipated pregnancies, they direct their efforts towards the elimination of harmful lifestyles, improved nutrition, and the reduction of environmental toxins.

The work of Foresight is highly unique. No other group has ever attempted a systematic program on a comparable level, and no other group has shown such favorable results. Not included in their statistics, but a matter of observation, is that their babies are not only healthy but of increased intelligence.

Our goal is to transplant the program to this country and extend it to as broad a base as possible, at all levels of society. The major thrust of our work will be at four levels:

* introduction of educational material into school curricula,

* introduction of our program in the community education departments of local hospitals,

* offering practical programs readily adopted by physicians,

* and the establishment of a central office for compiling and analyzing the resultant pregnancies of couples going through the program.

We have had two organizational dinner meetings attended by local professional, educational, and business people, from whom we have sought suggestions and guidance in our venture. We are also seeking funding from those who recognize both the need and the potential value of this work.

We anticipate a dynamic, national organization which will carry a major impact in reversing present trends towards deteriorating health in children, so much in evidence today.

In closing, we hope that those who have expressed interest in this work will catch a glimpse of its potential and at least a touch of the enthusiasm of those now actively involved.


Harold Buttram, M.D.

92 N Main Street

Blooming Glen, PA 18911

Telephone 257-2701

Harold Buttram, M.D.

92 N Main Street

Blooming Glen, PA 18911

Telephone 257-2701

To speak with a representative about our products and services or for technology inquiries, please call 1-720-490-5612.