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December, 2008
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Through the functions of normal biologic metabolism, the energetic resonance of your father's field, what he ate, how he felt about your mother, about sex, about life ... his relationship to himself, shame, joy, depression, creativity, power ... and all of his feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams about having a child left their trace in and had an expression through the sperm cell from which you were conceived. The time and place you were conceived, the relationship in which you were conceived, and your father's relevant emotional and psychological states at the time of your conception all had impact on your soul's embodiment process. These impacts influenced who and how you are now and can be understood and examined in order to better comprehend your life, its challenges and your purpose.

It is a worthwhile endeavor, a form of sacred personal research, to seek the fundamental nature of our first experiences with being in a body, and determining how we were shaped by those early events. The research into our Sperm Journey is not so inaccessible or esoteric as it might sound. In fact the cellular memory of the sperm cell from which you were conceived still resides in all of the descendant cells ... throughout your entire body, and relatively simple exercises can uncover clear information that is potent and relevant to your life now.

Who we are as women and men, and how we feel about the masculine has its roots in the parallel journeys of the embodying soul and the conceiving sperm. If anything is more epic than the miracle of birth it is the miracle of conception, and the sperm's role contributes to more than just our inherent genetic traits. If we, as incoming souls, chose our fathers then we also became affiliated with one out of hundreds of millions of sperm cells, as the doorway to life on earth. The more we can remember about the influence of these events and the more we can remember how and why we came here, then the more we can live our purpose in conscious and powerful ways.

Except for the egg journey, the journey of the sperm is the first physical experience the soul has on earth ... its first experience in relation to "having" a body. Based on known cellular biology, the journey of the sperm in a natural and normal conception process is well understood, and proceeds in sequential stages. Although these stages are ordered there is a vast variation in the experience of individual souls in relation to these stages. Themes of the sperm cell that, impact us include journeying, transitioning, pacing and use of energy to move through space and past obstacles, power, struggle, trust, and intimacy. Each of us has a different inherent relationship to such themes, and understanding the origins of how we now orient toward these themes frees us from unconscious patterns and limitations allowing us to live a more expansive life.