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May, 1991
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The loss experienced by parents following the perinatal death of a twin is often underestimated by other people and the particular problems are rarely appreciated. A Bereavement Clinic for multiple birth families provides the opportunity to discuss concerns such as incomplete information, lack of a memorial, anger, the fantasy twin, the response to the surviving child and zygosity determination. An informal lunch allows families to meet and share their experiences with other bereaved families.


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Elizabeth Bryan, M.D. FRCP, DCH

Elizabeth Bryan is a consultant pediatrician and the Medical Director of the Multiple Births Foundation. She was a cofounder of the Twins and Multiple Births Association and established the first Twins Clinics in the U.K. She has written two books The Nature and Nurture of Twins (Bailliere Tindall 1983) and Twins in the Family (Constable 1984). She may be reached at the Multiple Births Foundation, Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital, Goldhawk Road, London W6 OX G, England.