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A W Liley
Agnes M. Richardson
Aileen Pidgeon

Dr. Aileen Pidgeon is a clinical psychologist and A/Professor of Psychology at Bond University, Gold Coast. She has co-authored over 30 publications. Her Ph.D. resulted in publishing and disseminating the Pathways Triple P-Positive Parenting Program for at-risk families. Dr Pidgeon sits on a number of boards and advisory groups in the field of education and research.

Áine de Róiste
Aiton Birnbaum
Aletha Solter
Alexa Lantiere

Alexa Lantiere is a Duke University ABSN Nursing Student.

Alexandra Johnson

Alexandra R. Johnson, MD is a Family Medicine Physician and Certified Breema Practitioner and Instructor. She has been teaching Breema internationally since 2003.

Alice Givens
Alison Chapman

Alison Chapman is a graduate student attending Southeastern Louisiana University. Her research interests focus on early childhood development, including externalizing behaviors, parenting practices, and social behaviors. 

Allan N Schore
Allen Bishop
Allen Stringer
Allison Ashley-Koch

Allison Ashley-Koch, PhD, is a Professor in the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute and the Department of Medicine at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Ashley-Koch is a genetic epidemiologist whose primary goal is the identification of genes that contribute to human genetic disorders, including the identification of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions. She is currently involved in studies to dissect the genetic etiology of neural tube defects, as well as several other conditions.

Althea M Hayton

Althea Hayton is a qualified counselor, and a writer and editor of books about the grief of pregnancy loss. In 2007 she founded WombTwin.com, a non-profit organization helping womb twin survivors around the world. She is editor of two books about womb twin survivors, Untwinned and A Silent Cry. A detailed report on her eight-year private research project into the psychology of womb twin survivors is now being prepared for publication. Contact: PO Box 396, St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK, AL3 6NE. email: althea.hayton@wombtwin.com

Amita A. Dharmadhikari
Amy Beesley

Dr Amy Beesley is a registered Clinical Psychologist (UK) and specializes in Child & Adolescent psychology. Amy has over ten years of experience of working with parents and children who have attachment disorders.  Amy has taught on parenting, self-harm, anxiety & depression and has published articles on the use of social media when working with young people. Amy has a particular interest in pre- and perinatal psychology, and the impact on life course outcomes. 

Amy L Gilliland
Amy Lauren Shapira

Amy Lauren Shapira, M.A., is a physical therapist, childbirth educator, and lactation instructor. She holds a Master’s degree in pre- and perinatal psychology from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. Her master’s project—Prenatal and perinatal psychology: A review of the history, principles, clinical findings, scientific basis and applications—is the basis for a Hebrew-language internet resource (www.ppn-info.net) for the Israeli public, and is the first Hebrew website on pre- and perinatal psychology.

Angela Bowen
Angela Ramirez
Ann C. Caird
Ann Diamond Weinstein
Anna Hennessey

Anna M. Hennessey, visiting scholar and adjunct faculty at the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley, California, works on the philosophical, religious, and artistic dimensions of birth. She is currently writing a book on the way that art and other objects go through a transformative process between religious, secular, and sacred ontologies when used during birth as a rite of passage (Lexington Books, forthcoming).

Anna Humphreys

Anna Humphreys, CD(DONA)
Brief Bio: Anna is a certified doula, childbirth meditation instructor, and infant massage educator.  Since 2012, Anna has been working with the Calm Birth method, and is now co-director.  Anna resides in Ashland, Oregon, where she works as a doula at Asante Ashland Community Hospital and volunteers with Providence Medford Medical Center and Southern Oregon Birth Connections

Anna Maria Della Vedova
Anna R. Brandon
Anna Tickle

Dr Anna Tickle, Division of Psychiatry & Applied Psychology, University of Nottingham, is a clinical psychologist and clinical tutor for the Trent Doctorate in Clinical Psychology course. She has a particular interest in qualitative research methods: Anna.Tickle@nottingham.ac.uk

Anne Hubbell Maiden
Anne Marquez