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Mary F Straub

Mary F. Straub is a freelance writer and an independent researcher long interested in the human condition. She is a hypnotherapist and instructor of the history and practical application of meditation as it applies to health. Address correspondence to the author at: 7600 South Cork Avenue, Justice, IL 60458.

Mary Knight
Mary Lou Moore
Mary-Therese Dombeck
Massimo Agosti

Professor Massimo Agosti is the Director of the Specialization School in Paediatrics, University of Studies of Insubria of Varese–Paediatric Clinic. He is also the Director of the Mother-and-Child Department, Director of Neonatology, Intensive Care, and Paediatric Units, Varese-Verbano, ASST Settelaghi–Varese, Italy.

Matthew Appleton

Matthew Appleton is a registered Craniosacral Therapist and Body Psychotherapist living and working in Bristol, England. In 2006, he founded Conscious Embodiment Trainings in 2006 to facilitate Prenatal and Birth Workshops for adults and teach Integrative Baby Therapy to health professionals. For ten years, he worked as a houseparent at A. S. Neill’s famous democratic school Summerhill and his book ‘A Free Range Childhood’ based on his experiences at Summerhill has been published in several languages. He can be contacted at matthew.appleton@sky.com.

Maureen Wolfe
Melanie Garret

Melanie E. Garrett is a biostatistician at Duke Molecular Physiology Institute in Durham, NC.  She is primarily interested in analysis of multi-omics data to uncover the genetic underpinnings of complex human disease.  Ms. Garrett works on a wide variety of disorders including neural tube defects, genetic modifiers of sickle cell disease, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Melita Kovacevic
Michael C Irving
Michael D Adzema
Michael D Trout

Michael Trout earned a BA from Alma College, an MA from Central Michigan University, and did his specialized training in infant psychiatry at the Child Development Project, University of Michigan School of Medicine, under Prof. Selma Fraiberg. He has authored numerous articles and book chapters, and co-authored The Johnathon Letters and Baby Verses: The Narrative Poetry of Infant and Toddlers, as well as producing films on the unique perspective of babies.

Michael Dunning
Michael Irving
Michael T Hynan
Michel Odent
Michelle R Storms
Mikael Lövkvist
Millicent Adams Dosh
Mindy Levy
Mirjam Kalland
Mirjam Kalland

Mirjam Kalland, Professor, Helsinki University, Finland - mirjam.kalland@helsinki.fi

Moira Pyle Fitzpatrick
Moshe Amon
N Anne Marquez
Nancy Eichhorn
Nancy Elisabeth George
Nancy Hurwitz Kors

Nancy Hurwitz Kors, Ph.D Brief Bio:  Nancy received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from York University in Toronto.  Her Ph.D. dissertation was entitled, “Prenatal Anxiety and Attitudes and their Relationship to Labor, Delivery, and Post Natal Adaptation.”

Nancy Suchman
Nancy Verrier