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October, 1986
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The publishing of this Journal marks a great step forward for Pre and Peri-natal Psychology. In its pages you will find a diversity of views and experiences which I feel certain will stimulate and enhance your particular area of interest in this vast and as of yet largely unexplored field of science.

Because we are exploring new horizons and because we are an interdisciplinary organization, our editorial policy will encourage submissions of any theoretical orientation that fall under the general parameters set out in this Journal. We are aiming at a dynamic mix of personal accounts, clinical investigations, theoretical discussions and research studies. Obviously, we are looking for thoughtful, innovative and relevant material. It is our hope that this information will prove to be of practical value to health professionals as well as lay people. We also aspire to making the Journal fun to read, so that you will look forward to receiving it every three months.

In order to accomplish these objectives we need your help. If this Journal is not to becone just another sterile, boring and pretentious academic tract, you must communicate with us. Send us your articles, research, opinions, book reviews, announcements, request for jobs, whatever. We want to make this a lively publication; we cannot do so if we don't get sufficient support and feedback (literally and figuratively) from our readership.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thomas R Verny, M.D.