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March, 1987
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As I am writing this it is early January and the first issue of the Journal is finally in the mail. Since there is about a six month lead time between submitting the contents of an issue to the publisher and having it actually published you will not see any responses to our first Journal until the Fall. Which I hope will not keep you from giving us lots of feedback.

Now that we have a Journal it is imperative that we give it as wide a distribution as possible. That means approaching any library that carries periodicals of a similar nature and bringing the PPPJ to the attention of the chief librarian. Just as an example, Marcia Penner and I have both, in person and through friends and students, taken the Journal to the medical library, public reference library, the Hospital for Sick Children, the Clarke Institute (psychiatric center of the University of Toronto), the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, the Institute for Child Study and the Academy of Medicine. I mention these various places to indicate to you the kinds of institutes that may be prepared to subscribe to the Journal. In addition, social agencies, birth centers, depts. of psychology, pediatrics and obstetrics are also potential subscribers.

We need a sizeable subscription list to ensure the financial viability of the Journal. However, what is more important is that by having it available in libraries we expose an ever growing number of people to the concepts of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and that is what really matters.

I feel certain that if you think about it you will come up with some ideas on how to introduce the Journal to your community, friends and colleagues. We, on the editorial board, have worked very hard to make this Journal a reality. Now we need your help in giving it a voice that will be heard all over this continent and beyond.

Thomas R Verny, M.D.