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May, 1987
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In the first issue of the Journal I described the kinds of articles that we are interested in publishing. As of to date, I have been most gratified and I hope you have been too at the quality of major papers that have been submitted for publication and I expect that this trend will continue. Because each issue is limited to 64 pages and we only publish quarterly we are not able to print all the articles we receive and that's a problem your editors have to struggle with. In other words, in the department of full length feature articles, overviews of the literature and clinical and research reports we have an abundance of riches.

However, when it comes to brief communications with our readers we are not doing so well. As I am writing this, the first issue of the Journal has been in your hands for about 4 weeks and the second issue is in the mail. I realize this is not a very long time and yet I had hoped to have received by now more feedback from you. I see brief communications as serving the practical needs of our readership. In this category fall:

- Letters to the Editor. Comments on the format, strength and weaknesses of the Journal.

- Reviews. Of books, films, videos & music in the Pre- and PeriNatal area.

- Sharing Space. If you are looking for help in your research, trying to locate a reference or wanting to make contact with likeminded individuals to form an interest group put your ideas into a paragraph of 100 words or less and we shall print it in this space.

- Calendar of Events. Announcements of up-coming lectures, courses and workshops by our members. Also, list of conferences, symposia and other educational opportunities by other organizations that our members wish to attend.

- Recent publications by our members and where they can be obtained.

- Summaries of National and International Conferences. If you recently attended a conference where subjects close to our hearts were discussed please take a few minutes and write us about it.

I hope that through this type of information exchange our Journal will not only be a livelier publication but also be of greater practical benefit to our readers.

See you in San Francisco.

Thomas R Verny, MD.

March 15, 1987