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March, 1997
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APPPAH President, David Chamberlain's letter (which is reproduced in this issue), in response to the Newsweek Special Edition: Your Child, clearly illustrates that after more than ten years of publication this Journal's message still reaches a limited group. However, the Winter edition was sent to 400 potentially interested subscribers and our membership has increased significantly, a drive spearhead by Maureen Wolfe. Additionally, we urge all of our readers to attend the 1997 APPPAH Congress, Birth, Love and Relationships to be held once again in the Cathedral Hill Hotel in San Francisco, December 4-7, 1997. Pre-Congress workshops starting on December 3, will include Michel Odent, William Emerson, Tom and Eileen Paris, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Suzanne Arms and Robbie Davis-Floyd. Look for additional information in the next issue and/or contact APPPAH Headquarters at the address on the Publications page at the back of the Journal.

John Sonne's article Social Regression and the Global Prevalence of Abortion is the first in a series on abortion and adoption by the same author which will appear in future issues of the Journal. Dr. Sonne begins with the startling statistic that globally 25% of pregnancies are aborted and that the consequences have led to quiet or conspicuous individual and social regression. David Chamberlain who served as action editor for the article, Effects of the Firstart Method of Prenatal Stimulation... wrote to me that:

The subject of this [investigation] prenatal stimulation, is very important to our Association and its message, and the research quite rare. I know, of only four other studies which have evaluated this phenomenon using experimental and control groups.

Jeane M Rhodes who is scheduled to have completed her Ph.D. in pre- and perinatal psychology in May, 1997 discusses birth and prenatal memories in Natalism in Fairy Tales Mary Knight shares with us some pre- and perinatal memories in an explication of her recently published book, Love Letters Before Birth and Beyond, reviewed by David Chamberlain (who as is clear from the references, worked as hard on this issue as the Editor!)

Ruth J. Carter, Ph.D.


Georgia College & State University

Milledgeville, GA