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October, 1998
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This issue of the Journal is dedicated to the memory of Michael Currier, whose all too brief earthly existence was a testimony to the evolution of the human spirit. Michael was the Manager for the Economic Development Fund for Tibet and had personally established The Exiles Fund to provide technological and business aid for Tibetan refugees. In 1995 he was presented with the Light of Tibet Award by the Dalai Lama. A great-grandson of Andrew Mellon, Michael's dedication to philanthropy encompassed numerous other works of the heart, including involvement in many organizations providing nurturing for children. Most notably for those associated with transpersonal psychology, Michael was the primary sponsor of Pocket Ranch Institute. The quality of Michael's life was reflected in the beauty and tranquillity of the setting his generosity helped to provide. As is true of so many who were associated with the "Ranch," the life changing events I experienced in that mystical space authenticated the vision he shared with the Institute's founder, Barbara Findeisen. Michael's loss will be deeply felt and his life was a blessing.

Articles in this issue include Bruce Lipton's exploration of the power of love in the continuing debate over "Nature and Nurture" while William Emerson offers a detailed analysis of the detrimental effects of obstetrical intervention during the birth process. Diane Zimberoff suggests that prenatal gender prejudice is also often traumatic. Elaine Childs Gowell provides insight into the process of accessing and healing grief.

This issue also includes two book reviews and a very useful and much appreciated research tool, an Index of Authors for the Pre-and Perinatal Psychology Journal, Volumes 1-11, 1986-1997 compiled by Michael Irving and David Chamberlain.

Ruth Johnson Carter, Ph.D.


Georgia College and State University

Milledgeville, Georgia