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October, 2017
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The amount and scope of material published since the Journal's inception in 1986 under the name Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology Journal has been impressive and varied.

As we enter the new millennium and are still struggling for greater recognition and acceptance in an increasingly beleaguered mainstream healthcare and social policy environment, we want to make every effort to increase access to the wealth of information and theory the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health has at its disposal. With that goal in mind, we have created this double issue as a comprehensive reference manual for the scientific material published in the Journal to date.

This combined volume consists of two sections comprising all of the material of substantive scientific content in the Journal to date: empirical and qualitative research, case studies, anthropological and cross-cultural investigations, theoretical frameworks and opinion pieces by seminal thinkers, and key-note addresses given at major conferences on the state of the field. The first section, given in chronological order starting with the first issue, contains full abstracts of each article in the order they appeared in that issue. The second section is an alphabetical index to all the articles with listings by subject (most articles have multiple subject listings) and the first author's last name, making it easy to locate desired abstracts in the first section.

This expanded reference issue has been made possible by a generous grant from the Van Strum Foundation. To obtain back issues of full copies of articles referenced here, readers should write to APPPAH, P.O. Box 994, Geyserville, California 95441 or email .

Jenny Wade, Ph.D.

Associate Editor

Santa Barbara Graduate Institute