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December, 1987
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Exactly three weeks ago today the 3rd International Congress of PPPANA drew to a close. It was the most electrifying, intellectually demanding and socially stimulating meeting I have ever attended. The groundswell of enthusiastic support for PPPANA that was generated at this Congress has already led to the formation of three standing committees of PPPANA: Research & Education, Ethics & Standards, and Social Policy & Communication. In addition, local chapters are being started all over the U.S.A. At the same time as plans are proceeding for the formation of regional chapters in Brasil, Venezuela & Australia. A Newsletter under the editorship of Steven Raymond has been created so that information about local chapter activities, regional meetings, workshops, lectures, seminars, employment and educational opportunities, etc. can be quickly disseminated.

This issue of the Journal contains two papers presented in San Francisco. In an excellent paper Gayle Peterson continues to explore a subject she and Lewis Mehl have been investigating for the past decade, namely, the pregnant mother-unborn child relationship. James McKenna takes us on a tour de force through the intricacies of the Sudden Infant Death (SID) Syndrome. I think this is a truly seminal work loaded with useful information and references. Part I in this issue will be followed by Part II in the next one.

The question, what effect does separation from the birth mother have on adopted children is addressed knowledgeably and thoroughly by Nancy Verrier.

Should you come across any published papers that you think would be of interest to our readership, please send them to me either in their entirety or in a summary form.

Thomas R. Verny, M.D.

July 26, 1987