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May, 1988
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I have the pleasure of introducing to you a really exciting issue of our Journal. To start with we are treated to David Chamberlain's "The Significance of Birth Memories" which is an excerpt from his recently published Babies Remember Birth. It is a trail-blazing article and represents over ten years of research and clinical work by David.

Bertil Jacobson is a physician and head of the department of medical engineering at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. In his paper he shows that infants are very much affected in later life by what happens to them at birth. This is truly a landmark study painstakingly researched and fully documented. Yet, Dr. Jacobson tells me that he was unable to get it published anywhere for years.

The psychotic person often presents imagery, hallucinations and behavior that reflect pre- and peri-natal stress. Moira Fitzpatrick who works in a therapeutic community that offers intensive therapy for severely disturbed patients describes the method of body therapy which has proven beneficial to these individuals.

Leah Bonovich from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing has done a very elegant piece of research on the relationship between length of labour and mother-pregnant daughter communication. Her paper is an important part of the evidence to support the basic concepts of Pre- and Peri-Natal Psychology.

There are many issues that fall into the category of infant psychology which I believe need further elucidation. I would like our Association to increasingly address some of these subjects such as humanizing ICU's for premature babies, anaesthesia for infants, hospitalization of infants, SID's and the like. The article by Dr. Frank Pidcock and colleagues from the Children's Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia deals with one such subject in an exemplary fashion. Anyone interested in promoting infant health will benefit from reading this paper.

Thomas R. Verny, M.D.