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March, 2017
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It is my privilege and pleasure to begin my tenure as your editor-inchief with this edition of JOPPPAH. But first, I must thank Dr. B.J. Lyman for her support and guidance. That support and guidance continues during this transition, as she is staying on as Associate Editor for an undetermined period of time. On behalf of the Journal staff and our readers, I want to express deep gratitude for Dr. Lyman's 8 years of exemplary service as editor-in-chief of this Journal.

In this edition of the journal, Simon House brings us an in-depth look at the nature of the brain, from both nutritional and emotional perspectives, in the context of evolution and the life-cycle. His article begins with a look at the development of humankind, laying the foundation for current nutritional needs of the brain, particularly during conception and gestation. This wide-ranging treatise gives us much food for thought, beginning with our origins in the primordial seas and culminating in recommendations for enhancing the future of our species. In his words, "Reorientation this time will be in the light of transgenerational epigenetics, the sustaining of lifecycle health, and towards the origins and enhancement of every new life."

The research team of Drs. Francesca Dabrassi, Antonio Imbasciati, and Anna Maria Della Vedova from the University of Brescia in Italy, brings us research on the importance of social support during pregnancy, confirming our intuitive knowledge that, "low levels of support during the prenatal period are associated with low levels of prenatal attachment and high levels of depression. This could have harmful effects on the pregnancy outcome or on the development of the child."

From the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and the research team of Erin McKillop, MEd, Stephanie Martin, PhD, Angela Bowen, PhD, and Nazeem Muhajarine, PhD. comes a well-designed and executed study of the lived experience and meaning of pregnancy for women with mild to moderate depression

In the book review section, Catherine Fraser shares a beautiful review of Harriette Hartigan's book, Brought to Earth by Birth.