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June, 2017
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This edition of JOPPPAH begins with an update from Rupert Linder, MD, reporting on his work in Germany, addressing issues of prematurity using an integrated approach combining gynecology, obstetrics, and psychotherapy. Dr. Lander's approach is based on solution-oriented, salutogenetic, and system-oriented approaches, which brings new energy to our field.

Next we have contributions from two PhD candidates in prenatal and perinatal psychology. These students are representative of the many new faces in our field, from whom I'm sure we will be hearing more in the future.

Student contributor, Peggy Phillips, presents an overview of the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on the duration of pregnancy, incidence of pregnancy-induced hypertension, fetal growth and development, including birth weight, neurocognitive and visual development in the infant, and postpartum depression in the mother.

The second student contribution comes from Kimberly Mascaro, giving us a brief overview of the issue of male circumcision. This contribution explores the historical roots of circumcision and where the procedure stands today, from both practical and ethical perspectives. This exploration is presented clearly as the viewpoint of a prenatal and perinatal psychology student grappling with as issue that brings up deep feelings and reactions.

And, closing out this issue with a vision of the future, we welcome Dr. Michel Odent back to our journal pages with his depiction of "Childbirth in the Land of Utopia." In this creative look into the future, Dr. Odent envisions a future in which giving birth without medical intervention is deemed to be ideal. Dr. Odent's vision is a springboard for each of us to explore and share our own dreams of "Utopia."

The book reviews cover a broad spectrum of works you may want to explore, bringing you a bonus of seven reviews. This bonus book review section also constitutes a farewell to our book review editor, Bronwyn Chambers, who has made the difficult decision to focus on other endeavours and leave behind her work as book review editor for JOPPPAH. Bronwyn has served the journal well in this capacity and we wish her all the best as she moves on. Please see her farewell message below.

Thank you for the wonderful experience with JOPPPAH. It is with fond memories that I'm moving on from my position as Book Review Editor to focus on my practice. I'd like to say a special thank you to all the PPN practitioners and avid readers who contributed their time and thoughts to the journal and I'm especially grateful to Bobbi-Jo Lyman and Jeane Rhodes for their stewardship and hard work in bringing this voice of the community to print.