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December, 2017
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The winter months bring darkness, quiet, festivals of light, gift exchanges and other ways we celebrate connection, spirituality, and hope. The New Year is here. For JOPPPAH, we are pleased to bring a series of papers from diverse authors. First, Jamie Banker, PhD and Diana Barnes, Psy.D share with us their expertise in perinatal mood disorders and the genogram as a tool for supporting prenatal and postpartum families. Hailing from California Lutheran University, Drs. Banker and Barnes share the use of the genogram as a way to work with de-stigmatizing postpartum depression in particular.
We welcome the work of our European colleagues in the Journal. In this issue, we publish the work of German specialist in gynecology, obstetrics, psychosomatics, and psychotherapy Rupert Linder, MD.  He shares with us his insights into preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome, especially the connection between these conditions, transgenerational trauma, and pre and perinatal psychology. 
Associate editor Kate White interviews Michel Odent, MD.  In his exacting and provocative but eloquent style, Dr. Odent shares his insights regarding his tenure as doctor, writer, pundit, and leader in work of birthing and the human condition.
As part of our Reflections series, we welcome an article by Paul Brenner, MD, PhD, who provides a window into transgenerational trauma, epigenetics, and psychology. His paper is a reflection on his 55-year journey as a practitioner in medicine, starting as an obstetrical practitioner, then psychology and oncology as a family therapist. His recount of witnessing repeating patterns in families and the role this plays in chronic illness supports current research trends in epigenetics.
We end this issue with two book reviews, one by book review editor Patricia Lucas and one by associate editor Kerry Francis. We are glad to have these reviews of Conversations from the Womb: Communicating with Your Baby During Pregnancy and Before Conception by Penny D. Chang, BHSP, CMA, and Childbirth and the Future of Homo Sapiens, by Michel Odent, MD.
Enjoy! And as always, send us your feedback. 
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