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May, 1989
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Some of you may remember Charles Laughlin as one of the contributors to the special Pre-Congress (San Diego) issue of the PPPANA Journal in 1985. In spite of a very busy teaching schedule and taking a year off to further his studies on Tibetan Buddhism he has succeeded in assembling a vast amount of information on a new field which he calls: Pre- and Peri-natal Anthropology. It is obvious from this review that anthropology has data that those of us interested in Pre- and Perinatal Psychology should know about. The obverse is equally true. Consequently, Prof. Laughlin and I will try to address an up-coming meeting of Anthropologists on this subject. Also, Prof. Laughlin has accepted the challenge of editing a special issue of our Journal focused on Pre- and Peri-natal Anthropology sometime next year.

David Chamberlain is well known to the readers of this Journal. His new book Babies Remember Birth published in 1988 by J.P. Tarcher has received many positive reviews and a lot of good publicity. David's article is a welcome addition to the growing literature on pain perception both pre- and peri-natally.

From the University of Bologna in Italy, we have an excellent research paper on fetal movement as observed by ultrasound. Professor Rossi, the principal investigator, has been a subscriber to the PPPJ for several years. It is nice to know that our Journal travels so widely.

Martha Welch is internationally renowned for her work on autism and mothering. In 1977 she founded the Mothering Centre where she developed her techniques of Holding Therapy. In 1988 she published Holding Time, Simon & Schuster, N.Y. The paper that appears here is a summary of her principal ideas. I think you will find it most stimulating reading.

See you at the IV International Congress of PPPANA at Amherst, August 3-6, 1989.

Thomas R. Verny, M.D.


5th International Congress on Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology


PPPANA is now actively seeking volunteers to organize the '91 Congress. Preferred locations: Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago. If you live in one of these cities and you would like to make a significant contribution to the mental and physical health of our planet through PPPANA, please write to me.

Thomas R. Verny, M.D.

36 Madison Avenue

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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