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September, 2017
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As the months turn toward the harvest time of autumn, JOPPPAH continues its publication of research and writing in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology. We are gathering more new writers and staff. This issue witnesses the work of Ohkado Masayuki, PhD, a professor on the Faculty of General Education at Chubu University in Aichi, Japan. His research into prebirth and birth memories gives readers a view into a particular slice of Japanese culture. We are also pleased to support the work of a young researcher in the PPN field, Anna Humphreys, BA, with the publication of her excellent paper on prenatal maternal stress and its impact on babies and children. Humphreys is a certified doula through DONA, educator of infant massage (CEIM), and Calm Birth meditation instructor in Ashland, Oregon. Her writing has academic and practitioner value as it explores the biochemistry of stress and how to work with it during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. In this issue, Elizabeth Soliday, PhD, and Stefani Mammenga contribute a wonderful research paper on the birth views of young university women and men who had not yet become parents. By examining whether these young people endorsed medicalized or natural birth practices, Soliday and Mammenga’s study sparks curiosity around how enculturated beliefs affect one’s birth philosophy. Additionally, Dr. Ludwig Janus offers an interesting perspective on the mental development of humans, both individually and collectively. Through understanding the uniqueness of human birth, Dr. Janus argues that we can uncover humanity’s particular mental relationship to our inner and outer world. He underscores the importance of pre- and perinatal psychology as an essential tool for understanding ourselves as a species as well as understanding ourselves on a personal level. For our interview this issue, Kate White engages with Marti Glenn, PhD, pioneering psychotherapist and leader in the education of PPN practitioners in the United States. Glenn co-founded the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute in California, which served as an educational Mecca for those passionate about PPN. Since the Institute was purchased and the PPN portion of their curriculum discontinued, Glenn has pursued other avenues for application of all that she knows. Her service to our field is exemplary and we are pleased to feature her life and work. Two book reviews complete our issue. Jon RG & Troya GN Turner share Celestial Twins: The Codes of Destiny by Elizabeth Levin, PhD with us through their observations of the text. Kate White then reviews Evolution, Early Experience and Human Development: From Research to Practice and Policy, edited by Darcia Narvaez, Jaak Panskepp, Allan N. Schore and Tracy R. Gleason. The staff at JOPPPAH is expanding with the addition of Elizabeth Soliday, PhD, as Assistant Editor. Dr. Elizabeth Soliday is an Associate Professor of Human Development at Washington State University Vancouver and a licensed clinical psychologist. Her research focuses on women’s informed, autonomous decision making in pregnancy and birth care, and she uses qualitative and quantitative methods to examine how beliefs about birth and birth care relate to women’s care decisions and intervention uptake. She looks forward to drawing on her expertise in scholarly publishing to help support JOPPPAH’s 30-plus year tradition of publishing high quality works to inform the academic and practice communities.  

Kerry Francis, MA

Kate White, MA