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October, 1989
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In this issue we are publishing a comprehensive discussion of the Tomatis Method, a program of auditory stimulation based on clearing emotional blocks that originated in the pre-and peri-natal period. It is a unique approach to a variety of auditory, learning and emotional difficulties in both children and adults. Dr. Tomatis spoke at our First International Congress in Toronto in 1983. He is a brilliant scholar and a fascinating human being. For those of you who have not met this man I recommend that you read Marie-Andree Michaud's interview with him which follows Timothy Gilmor's article.

Verbal metaphors and their behavioral counterparts are described in Sandra Landsman's paper. She points out the need to listen carefully to clients' expressions for clues of their emotional roots in birth or prebirth experiences.

Nancy Hurwitz deals in her article with the psychological aspects of in-vitro fertilization. Since infertility is becoming an ever greater problem it is not surprising that medical science is looking for new ways to overcome this dilemma. The experts in their attempts to solve a physiological problem often create a whole new order of psychological, ethical, religious and philosophical issues.

In a far ranging review of a recently published book Science and the Unborn by Clifford Grobstein, the editor of your journal addresses the question of "The Biopolitics of Womb Life." Anyone concerned with the effects of the new reproductive technologies will be interested in reading this critique.

Thomas R. Verny, M.D.