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December, 1989
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This is a truly international issue of the Journal. From Venezuela we have the great pleasure to publish a ground-breaking study by Dr. Beatriz Guzman de Manrique. I have often heard it said that Pre- and Peri-Natal Psychology was of benefit to only middle-class North Americans and Western Europeans. Beatriz is proving conclusively that a program of pre-natal intervention will enhance the health of babies regardless of their country of birth or social class. It is my hope that our readers will be inspired by this project to start similar programs with their own communities all over the world.

Carlos Gonzalez is a music therapist, originally from Venezuela, and presently studying in Vancouver, Canada. He reports to us on the development of a music therapy-assisted childbirth program which he instituted at the Salvation Army Grace Hospital in Vancouver.

A few thousand miles to the east resides Michael Irving. Those of you who have attended our last two Congresses will recall Michael's beautiful embryonic sculptures. In addition to sculpting, Michael has recently earned an M.A. in Psychology. His paper "Natalism as Pre- and Peri-Natal Metaphor" is excerpted from his M.A. thesis. It follows the tradition of the work of Otto Rank, Lloyd de Mause, Terence Dowling, Stan Grof and others on the symbolic expressions of birth and pre-birth experiences in art, fairy tales, mythology and dreams. This is truly a thought provoking and mind expanding paper.

For our more biologically minded readers we have an important contribution from Belgium on the "Neuro-Biochemistry of Immersion in Warm Water During Labour" by Drs. Boulvain & Wesel.

Even our book reviews are international with reviewers from the U.S., Austria and Switzerland. I hope we can continue this multinational tradition in the future.

Speaking of the future: we have been very fortunate in persuading Dr. Charles Laughlin, Professor of Anthropology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada to join the staff of our Journal as Managing Editor. Some of you may recall his paper "Womb-Woman-World: Gender & Transcendence in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism" published in our Special Pre-Congress issue of the PPPJ, Spring 1985 and his more recent "Pre-and Peri-Natal Anthropology: A Selective Review," PPPJ, Vol. 3, No. 4, Summer 1989. We are also adding to our staff of editorial consultants and hope to be able to employ a Copy Editor in the near future. I shall continue to serve the Journal as Editor-in-Chief.

Thomas R. Verny, M.D.