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October, 1990
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You may have noticed that we have been presenting a focus on systems of birthing. The spring, 1990, issue carried Part I of Dr. Robbie Davis-Floyd's article on the ritual aspects of American obstetrical procedures. As promised, Part II of that article, with references, is published in the current issue. The summer issue offered an article by Dr. Lois Chetelat on the Canadian birthing system.

In our current issue, Professor Judy Litoff, a well-known authority on midwifery, continues this focus by tracing the history of midwifery in the United States. Apart from that focus, there are some clinically interesting pieces here as well. Ruth Litovsky reports on a method for determining the needs of preterm infants who may have experienced stress. Georg Romer and Dr. Mark Sossin then discuss the influence of holding patterns upon parent-infant interaction. And Drs. Judith Kestenberg and Estelle Borowitz suggest that the developmental origins of narcissism and masochism may be in the motor patterns of the fetus.

You may notice that there are no letters to the editor. That is because no letters were received. I am beginning to feel like the Maytag repairman, alone up here in the frozen north. O' my, what I would give for a good rousing controversy!

Charles Laughlin


Carleton University

Ottawa, Canada