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Evidence of birth and prenatal memories has been postulated as revealing itself in myth, fairy tales, and works of art. This paper presents natalistic symbology as previously proposed by Otto Rank (1929), Nandor Fodor (1949), T. W. Dowling (1988), and Michael Irving (1989) and proceeds from there to the natalistic analysis of two fairy tales; "Mother Holle," and "Pitcher's Bird." The analysis of "Mother Holle" relies primarily on previously established symbols, whereas the analysis of "Pitcher's Bird" moves into the more esoteric realm of very early prenatal symbols and is an incomplete analysis. It is hoped that this contribution to natalism in myth, fairy tales, and art will add to the growing body of literature in this area and help to establish this as a vital part of understanding birth and prenatal experience.


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Jeane Rhodes, Ph.D.

Jeane Rhodes completed a Ph.D. in Pre- and Perinatal Psychology through The Union Institute in May 1997. She trained in infant and child Birth Refacilitation with William Emerson, Ph.D. She teaches at Red Rocks Community College in Lake wood, CO and also has a private practice. Address correspondence to Jeane Rhodes, 611 S. Simms Street, Lakewood, CO 80228.

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