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In this issue we are publishing the second part of James McKenna's monumental study on SIDS. Because the bibliography alone is 94 pages long (manuscript pages, not journal pages), we had to cut down on the number of papers that we could print. However, in this case the old cliche about quality being more important than quantity really applies. I think our readers and students of Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology everywhere will appreciate having McKenna's article as a permanent reference in their libraries.

Josefine van Husen's paper is the result of many years of regressive hypnotherapy with patients whose mothers attempted to abort them. I found her insights original and startling.

Candace Fields contributes a rare report to this issue based on her experiences as a midwife in the mountains of Northern California. The contrast between Fields' positive, supportive, woman-oriented approach, and the cautious, gynegadgetry, medical staff knows-what's-best-for-you-dear attitude of most hospital deliveries is enormous. This is a wonderful example of the application of the philosophy of Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology to the practice of midwifery.

The last article on grantsmanship originally appeared in another journal. I thought it might prove helpful for some of our readers so I asked and received premission to reprint here.

Perhaps one day soon we shall be able to print an article by a university-affiliated obstetrician written in the same vein.

Thomas R. Verny, M.D.

September 7, 1987

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