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Knowledge of the consciousness of the unborn child provides the unprecedented opportunity and responsibility to change the practice of obstetrics. Pregnancy and birth are primal experiences, but caregivers often forget this as they are caught up in the technological current of our contemporary obstetrical world. Fear has often replaced joyful expectation for mother, baby, and provider. Instinctual maternal behavior of comfort and care for the unborn child can be fostered. Maternal appreciation of and communication with the intelligent fetus can be encouraged from the first prenatal visit. The pregnant woman and her unborn child rise to unimagined strength and competence in birth when they are prepared for joy and have confidence on the deepest cellular level that they know instinctively what to do. Techniques of birth preparation will be demonstrated that prevent subsequent obstetrical and emotional problems.

JOURNAL OF PRENATAL AND PERINATAL PSYCHOLOGY AND HEALTH publishes research and clinical articles from the cutting edge of the science of prenatal and perinatal psychology and health. The journal, published quarterly since 1986, is dedicated to the in-depth exploration human reproduction and pregnancy and the mental and emotional development of the unborn and newborn child.

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