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1. Technology dependent children: hospital vs. home care. A technical memorandum. Office of Technology Assessment, Congress of the United States, OTA-TM-H-38, p. 29, May 1987.

2. Avery , M.E., Tooley, W.H., Keller, J.B., et. al. (1987). Is chronic lung disease in low birthweight infants preventable? A survey of eight centers. Pediatrics, 79(1), 26-30.

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4. Pidcock, F.S., Branca, P., Kornhauser, M., et al. A trilevel model of care for the BPD infant: The first year and a half experience. Ross Laboratories Special Conference on Topics on Neonatology, Washington, DC, December 7-9, 1986.

Frank S. Pidcock, MD, Francie Fifer-Pagell, MEd, CTRS, Paul A. Branca, MD, Lisa Walko, MSN, RN, Steven Bachrach, MD, Adele S. Schneider, MD, Patricia Gilbert, MSN, RN

Frank S. Pidcock, M.D., Paul A. Branca, M.D., Patricia Gilbert, M.S.N., are with the Dept. of Pediatrics, Jefferson Medical College. Francie Fifer-Pagell is with Med. Ctrs, Moss Rehabilitation Hospital. Steven Bachrach is with the A.I. Dupont Institute. Address requests for reprints to Frank Pidcock, M.D., Children's Rehabilitation Hospital, 3955 Constitution Ave. Philadelphia, PA. 19131.

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