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Much as a garden grows, we hope the seeds planted with this issue will bear fruit and deepen your experience and understanding of pre and perinatal psychology and health.

We begin with a wonderful article from our founder, Thomas Verny, M.D. Dr. Verny's discussion of the pre and perinatal origins of childhood and adult diseases and personality disorders brings you new and comprehensive research establishing those origins. We welcome Dr. Verny back to these pages after much too long an absence and hope he will continue to bring us his insights and knowledge in future articles.

Dr. Tony Madrid, Arauna Morgan, Alanna Taormina, Lorena Laforest, and Elizabeth West present us with eight case studies in support of their approach to bonding therapy, which they call the "fourpart repair." The promise of this approach to healing ruptured bonding is profound. If healing can be accomplished through the mothers, their children will enter into parenthood without the burden of unhealed bonding injuries. Many generations may benefit from this work.

Dr. Michel Odent's exposition on the Waterside hypotheses invites us to consider the obstetrical implications of this alternative look at evolution and begins to make important connections for our consideration. This article continues Dr. Odent's tradition of inviting us to think in new ways and envision new possibilities.

In the book review section, we bring you an outstanding review by William Emerson, APPPAH's esteemed president, of Marcy Axness' long-awaited, extremely well researched treatise on parenting for peace.

One final note, we invite you to become an active part of APPPAH through contributions to this journal. Please contact me at for a copy of the author guidelines and prepare to join your esteemed colleagues on these pages.

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