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Epilinguistics Inside Epigenetics

Publication Date: 
September, 2019

This article addresses the importance of the words we choose, especially when working with expectant and new mothers and their babies.


Publication Date: 
March, 2019

Children's Birth, Womb, Prelife, and Past-Life Memories by OHKADO Masayuki

 The aim of this article is to report the results of an Internet-based survey conducted in Japan concerning the four types of children’s memories: (i) birth memories; (ii) womb memories; (iii) life-between-life or prelife memories (memories before conception); and (iv) past-life memories

Film Review: The Promise: Prenatal Memories of Children

The Promise: Prenatal Memories of Children, a film produced, edited, and directed by Norio Ogikubo. Published 2016. 1 hour, 43 minutes for the full film and 43 minutes for a shorter educational version.

Investigation by Questionnaire Regarding Fetal/Infant Memory in the Womb and/or at Birth by Akira Ikegawa

The purpose of this study is to clarify the possession rate of fetal/infant memory in the womb and/or at birth and to validate its characteristic. A total of 1620 answered questionnaires of the 3601 distributed were returned, giving an overall recovery rate of 45.0%. The possession rates of womb and birth memory were 33.0% and 20.7%, respectively. Parents, too, responded with regard to their own memory from birth, and 1.1% appeared possessing such memory.

The Pre- and Perinatal Development of a Sense of Self

Under consideration are the remembrances of several pre- and perinatal experiences by Jessica (pseudonym), during the course of her therapy as an adult. While these events are significant in their own right in terms of their specific effect on her developing humanness, their combined effect constituted a continual assault on her developing sense of a self, and which eventually resulted in a dissociation that caused her to not experience herself as a needing, wanting person; or in her words, as not having a me.

When the Breast Says No The Missing Link: A Case Study

Publication Date: 
June, 2018

This paper addresses the important questions about the impact of deep emotional issues rooted in the mother’s early childhood on her pregnancy, breastfeeding, bonding with her baby and the baby’s development.

The Death of a Mother in Childhood: Reflected in the Work of Two Writers

Publication Date: 
June, 2018

This article deals with the loss of the mother in early childhood of two writers and how their mothers’ deaths influence their life and work.

Investigation by Questionnaire Regarding Fetal/Infant Memory in the Womb and/or at Birth

Publication Date: 
December, 2005