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APPPAH's Foundations of Birth Psychology

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APPPAH's Mission and Vision

APPPAH’s mission is to support and promote human potential from the very beginning of life by providing global education to professionals and families about emerging evidence in prenatal and perinatal science and birth psychology that babies are conscious and aware and have their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences before, during, and after birth.

APPPAH's vision is that every baby is welcomed, seen and nurtured to their fullest expression as a conscious and aware being. And that every baby...


  • Is welcomed into the world with conscious conception, prenatal bonding, and a safe and non-traumatic birth
  • Is seen, heard, and treated with gentle and loving respect by birth workers, medical personnel, parents, and family who recognize babies as the conscious beings that they are
  • Is celebrated, understood, and supported by parents, family, and educators as their purpose in life unfolds
  • Will grow and develop within an environment of collaborate family and community support, unbiased acceptance, and unconditional love
  • Will become an adult who is motivated and equipped with the ability to find peaceful solutions to the challenges in our world

Clarifying APPPAH's Focus

  • APPPAH is an educational organization whose mission is to share awareness about the consciousness of babies before, during, and after birth. We understand that there may not be one right answer for many questions that arise around conception, pregnancy, and birth, and we know that respect, communication, and love can make the difference between understanding and trauma in any given situation, no matter what decision an individual makes.
  • APPPAH can provide evidence-based information to demonstrate that all experiences babies have in the womb and in the world shape their personalities and perspectives for the whole of their lives. These early shaping experiences can include the thoughts, feelings, actions, and non-actions of others.
  • APPPAH also provides resources for prevention, integration, and healing of any unresolved hurts or traumas from the primary period of life (conception to about 2 years of age).
  • APPPAH is not a political or activist organization and has, therefore, always refrained from making political statements. We focus on our mission to share what evidence demonstrates to be true about babies and acknowledge the right of each individual to apply that knowledge to their own lives.
  • APPPAH recognizes the innate rights of all involved in conception, pregnancy, and birth to be heard and respected, and we honor the mother/birth parent’s, fathers/partner’s, and baby’s perspectives.


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