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Time magazine ran an excellent, comprehensive article on the state of home birth in the U.S., including a discussion of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s controversial meta-analysis from last summer. Author Catherine Elton leads with a clever yet chilling prologue: “When Hillary McLaughlin found out she was pregnant, she was unable to legally obtain the service she needed. So she looked for an underground contact. She got a woman’s name—just a first name—and a phone number from a friend who advised her to destroy the evidence as soon as she made the call. When McLaughlin reached the woman, however, the woman told her she no longer ‘did that’ and that she wasn’t willing to risk going to jail for it anymore. Turned off by all the ‘whisper, whisper, cloak-and-dagger stuff,’ McLaughlin decided to ‘jump state lines’ from Illinois to Missouri to find a legal provider. Forty years ago, you might have assumed McLaughlin was looking for an unlawful abortion. Rather, what the small-business owner, 33, sought was a certified midwife who could deliver her baby at home in Edwardsville, Ill.” Read More

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