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APPPAH Director of Education, Kate White conducts the very first  "Transforming the Trauma Tree" workshop at Conscious Creation in Bangalore- India, with Board member, Jeanne-d'Arc Jabbour Rajagopal

After an amazing conference at Manashakti Research centre in Lonavla India, Kate White- Director of Education at APPPAH and Jeanne-dArc Jabbour Rajagopal - Board Member APPPAH headed to Bangalore to Conscious Creation center to conduct the first ever "Transforming the Trauma Tree" workshop.

The class was sold out weeks in advance. The students were very eager to meet Kate and learn from her. A full day of immersion in prenatal, perinatal and somatic principles with plenty of workshops and supportive tools shared left the students in awe and wanting more! The content included examining the prenatal and perinatal roots of health and how overwhelming imprints from that time can affect human development. Six specific tools for transforming trauma states in the body and for awareness of the baby's experience were introduced. 

The participants that come from varied backgrounds of Somatic experincing, Jungan Psychology, craniosacral therapy, pediatrician and many more gulped in the teachings and were so happy to get tools that they can use themselves and with their clients.

Jeanne-d’Arc Jabbour Rajagopal is the Director of Conscious Creation, a center for prenatal and perinatal care, education and therapy. She is a graduate of the APPPAH Prenatal and Perinatal Professional Educator Certificate program (PPNE), and a new Board Member. Her work at Conscious Creation includes pranic healing, baby massage, help with breastfeeding and baby care, family constellations sessions, photo sessions, storytelling, and workshops of all kinds. See more about the Conscious Creation Center at https://consciouscreation.co.in, or about APPPAH at http://birthpsychology.com, and about Kate White at http://www.ppncenter.com. Information about the APPPAH Educator Certificate program can be seen at https://birth-psychology-classwomb.teachable.com.

We look forward to more of her visits to India!