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APPPAH Luminaries, Board, Staff and Members Travel to Lonavla, India for the 1st International Conference on Prenatal Development, a joint project by APPPAH and Manashakti Research Center

Representatives from APPPAH from all over the world traveled to Lonavla, India to present and support the 1st International Conference on Prenatal Development. The conference was an idea born from long time member and award winner Gajanan Kelkar, who is Trustee and Research Director for the Manashakti Research Center in Lonavla. The APPPAH Board voted to support his effort to bring an international audience together to celebrate Manashakti’s work on Garbha Sanskara, or prenatal support of the conscious baby in the womb. Based on ancient Vedic concepts of prenatal education, an educational community near Mumbai has been offering a program for thousands of pregnant parents and their unborn babies for 40 years. The goal of the program is:

1. To welcome the baby with good thoughts,
2. To impart good values to the fetus,
3. To improve the emotional health of parents,
4. To increase the active participation of the fathers during pregnancy, and
5. To increase the courage and confidence of mothers during labor.

Unique to this program is its extensive use of scientific instruments designed to measure the subtle effects of the mind on the body of both parents and babies.

The Manashakti Research Center is reknowned for peace of mind. For past 50+ years, lakhs of people have found solace through electronic, computerized machine tests, study courses, workshops, seminars, books regarding wellness and healthy lifestyle. The Research Center is one of the activities of Manashakti REST New Way Trust (REST= Research, Education, Sanatorium Trust), a social trust registered with the Charity Commissioner, Pune. This international conference was the first of its kind, revealing the wealth of research about the baby’s experience in the womb started by Manashakti in the 1960’s.

APPPAH representatives who presented included co-founder Thomas Verny, Board member Shiva Belavadi, Past President Sandra Bardsley, founding Director of Education Kate White, members Lara Uplinger, Carla Machado, Gisell Whitwell, PPNE graduate Nitika Sobti, Nese Karabekir, and Anna Verwaal. Board members Heather Clarke, Barbara Decker and Jeanne d'Arc Jabbour attended the conference and helped field many questions and interest from the conference participants in APPPAH. Community members Ellynne Skove, PPNE Graduate Larissa Sanchez, and Nese Karabekir  also traveled to India to support this one of a kind gathering. 

Speakers and the attendees came from all over India. Mostly doctors, obstetricians and pediatric professionals, the conference participants were enthusiastic about the topics that ranged from epigenetics to bonding and attachment to support for couples prenatally and after birth. Presentations also included programs that combined ancient Indian traditions with modern medical approaches for outstanding birth and child development outcomes.  All the presentations can be seen on the conference website here, or on the Manashakti Youtube Channel. You can see more about Manashakti Research Center here.