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 APPPAH has a NEW Dynamic Education Department

We offer professional education opportunities to diverse audiences all around the world through our online presence, including psychologists, mental health workers, infant specialists, somatic specialists, birth workers, nurses, medical staff, pediatric specialists, childbirth educators and so much more.  Here, at APPPAH.  We are:

  • The place where you can get the Full Story about the baby’s experience of conception, the prenatal period, birth and attachment.  Our education team is here to answer questions and support your learning process.
  • A hub of information, research and resources in prenatal and perinatal psychology and health, where you will feel seen, heard and a sense of belonging.
  • A safe space where you will find others like yourself, a sense of belonging and connection.

Your experience with us is supported by:

  • Highly trained and seasoned professionals who will assist you.
  • Programs that are international, science-based, culturally sensitive, and interdisciplinary.
  • Research that is quantitative and qualitative in nature from clinical and educational settings.

Our Staff:

Kate White, MA, BCBMT, RCST®, CEIM, SEP is Co-Director of Education at APPPAH, a PPNE administrator and mentor.  She launched the Prenatal and Perinatal Educator Certificate program starting in 2013, adding APPPAH’s Professional Development Program, the Monday LIVE! Lecture series offering weekly lectures to students from PPN experts and somatics online courses.  She was awarded Outstanding Educator in 2016. Her educational direction comes from years of study in the PPN field, clinical practice and her own trainings that expand the knowledge of the impacts of trauma during the prenatal and perinatal period, birth and attachment.  She is currently writing the Conscious Baby Program for Parents™ and Somatic skills programs, and helps with department management.

Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT is Co-Director of Education at APPPAH, working with Monday LIVE!, communications, student tracking and helping things generally run more smoothly. Rebecca is also a mentor to our PPNE students. She holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Barry University and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Ball State, University. She has written 3 parenting books, Consciously Parenting, Creating Connection, and Nurturing Connection. Her 4th book, Healing Disconnection will be out in early 2019. She is the founder and executive director of The Consciously Parenting Project where she creates content for parents and professionals. She is certified in Child-Parent Psychotherapy and enjoys supporting parents, particularly working with attachment and trauma and helping to create healing stories for the whole family.

 Sally Dear-Healey, PhD, PPNE, CCE, Doula (birth and postpartum) is Co-Director of Education at APPPAH.  Her main role at APPPAH is to administer the PPNE Certificate Program, establish university-based PPNE linkages, and arrange for PPNE CEU’s.  In addition she develops and administers the Pro Series and research projects for APPPAH.  A Sociologist by training, Sally has twenty years of university teaching experience in human development, family studies, and women’s studies with a focus on family, family health, and interpersonal and family violence.  She is a childbirth educator and Doula trainer for BirthWorks, a faculty member with HealthConnect One’s Birth Equity Leadership Academy (BELA), and a certified community mediator. 

Susan Highsmith, PhD, has been a mentor for the PPNE Program, including being honored as the Mentor of the Year in 2016. She holds a BA in Women’s Studies, an MA in Counseling & Guidance, and a doctorate in Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology. Her book, The Renaissance of Birth, is a primer for young women and their partners considering pregnancy, introducing them to the basics of PPN psychology. Her book, The First Fairy Tale, is for children of all ages as it is a story that can be appreciated as an ideal way to begin life. Her current focus is to initiate a change in the language of childbirth to reflect respect for mothers and babies, both born and unborn, honoring their innate wisdom and contributing to the loving bond between them.  She is currently Chair of the Global Education Committee.