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For Immediate Release

December 26, 2018

Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health Receives Grant to Host an Online Perinatal Trauma Informed Practice Panel in March, 2019

Lancaster, CA. The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) has received an anonymous grant to support a leading edge presentation to improve birth outcomes: Perinatal Trauma Informed Practice panel. The panel, comprised of ten experts in trauma informed care, prenatal and perinatal trauma, or trauma related to cultural or societal oppression and will be part of APPPAH’s Birth Psychology Month, a celebration of the organization’s mission: To educate professionals and the public worldwide about the consciousness of babies, and that the baby’s experience of conception, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period have lifelong consequences for individuals, families and society. This particular panel will educate audiences about trauma informed practices as it pertains to birthing families, mothers, babies, and birth with a particular focus on populations that may have experienced previous trauma. To date, there has not been an effort to improve birth outcomes on a wide scale using a trauma informed approach.

“We wanted to make a difference in the lives of birthing professionals, families, trauma resolution specialists and the community that is APPPAH,” says Kate White, Founding Director of the Department of Education at APPPAH. “This initiative got started because of the work of Ann Weinstein, PhD, one of our speakers and author about how early trauma can impact women’s bodies and the birthing process.”

Ann Diamond Weinstein is one of the many presenters during the month long celebration of birth psychology month (birthpsychologymonth.com). The talks will occur on Mondays during March, 2019 at 7 pm and 8:30 pm Eastern time in the US (for your time zone see https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html).  Our list of speakers includes:

  • Jennie Birkholz of Breakwater Light, LLC, Trauma informed educator, https://www.breakwaterlight.com/
  • Maryl Smith, CPM, midwife speaking on trauma sensitive intake for women who have been traumatized to improve birth outcomes and the maternal experience.
  • Elsa Asher, MA, practitioner and specialist in LGBTQ perspectives
  • Health Clarke, CNM, Midwife and midwifery professor, on Trauma and Birth with Women of Color and the Midwife’s Perspective
  • Ann Diamond Weinstein, PhD author of Prenatal Development and Parent’s Lived Experiences, http://anndiamondweinstein.com/ who will inform audiences on the pervasiveness of trauma and how it shows up in our prenatal and perinatal populations.
  • Mickey Sperlich, author of Survivor Moms: Women's Stories of Birthing, Mothering and Healing after Sexual Abuse
  • Rebecca Thompson Hitt, author of Consciously Parenting, Creating Connection, and Nurturing Connection, specialist on trauma and attachment, Executive Director of the Consciously Parenting Project.
  • Kate White, Founding Director of the Department of Education for APPPAH, Director of the Center for Prenatal Programs, currently co-director administrating new curriculum for APPPAH, she will be speaking on Trauma Informed Care from the Baby’s Perspective.
  • Jennie Joseph, CPM, owner of Commonsense Childbirth and innovator in creating trauma informed birthing practices for low income women in Central Florida.
  • Nkem Ndefo, Trauma Informed Care and creator of the Resilience Toolkit, http://lumostransforms.com.

“We are pleased to bring this quality of presentation and awareness to the ACEs community and to help prevent and heal earliest trauma,” says White.

Birth Psychology Month is a month long initiative to support APPPAH’s programs and mission. For more information, see birthpsychologymonth.com.