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A Norwegian population-based, cross-sectional study of over 2,300 women examined the association between a self-reported history of childhood abuse and fear of childbirth. The study, reported in the journal Birth, indeed found that a history of childhood abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual) significantly increased the risk of experiencing severe fear of childbirth among women giving birth for the first time (primaparas). For women giving birth for a subsequent time (multiparas), the fear of childbirth was most strongly associated with a negative birth experience. [Birth, 37(4), Dec. 2010] Read Abstract

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  • anon

    As this is a coorelational study, questions arise as to why there is a relationship between childhood abuse and fear of childbirth. One question would be is there a possible connection between negative prenatal and/or birth experience and later childhood abuse, thus leading to the fear of childbirth.

    Jun 06, 2011

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