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The Conscious Baby Program for Parents announces two parts: Lesson for Parents and Tools for Facilitators. The first Toolkit for Facilitators is ready, and we invite users to purchase this kit at half price for the first 50 users so we can get feedback about the parts of the kit. We are currently creating a database for users. Once that is ready, we will offer a coupon code for the first 50 participants.  Our Toolkits and course for professionals includes:

  • recorded presentations and downloadable powerpoints on our topics for professionals to use,
  • tools for educators help parents learn about baby consciousness and skills to support the process of teaching,
  • exercises for professionals to introduce to parents and for themselves to holistically embody the course,
  • additional materials like videos and articles,
  • a quiz for those who want professional certificate, and
  • monthly live meetings with a mentor for support and supervision.

For more information and to see samples of our first Toolkit click here: https://birth-psychology-classwomb.teachable.com/p/the-conscious-baby-program-for-parents/?preview=logged_out

The fee for the Toolkits are $90 each for members, and $150 for nonmembers. The coupons will give you 50% off.

We have a License Agreement for you to sign, and a short registration form. 

The Lessons for Parents will include interviews with live parents who are practicing conscious early parenting, and support from experts who help them. The inspiring stories will stir your soul!

Stay Tuned for the Release of the Coupons for the first 50 users!