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This year, the Education Department is offering a new somatics course: Creating Safety: Understanding Early Trauma Resolution and Resiliency. This course is 11 lectures offered the fourth Monday of each month that support the understanding that prenatal and perinatal psychology and health is necessarily a somatic or bodily felt paradigm. Inherent in somatics is an understanding of how early memory forms in the body, and how our earliest memories inform our world view and sense of safety. Our somatic course helps professional educators who teach about baby consciousness to recognize early imprints in themselves and their audiences so that they can be more effective. Our course includes:

  • The elements of Creating Safety for your audiences
  • Deep understanding of the autonomic nervous system and threat/stress responses
  • A special focus on the freeze response in human beings, especially babies and its implications in pregnancy and birth
  • Understanding transgenerational and intergenerational trauma and the skills of differentiation
  • Listening and reflection as a tool
  • Facilitating story telling in your audiences, especially when they occur spontaneously
  • Exercises for you and your audiences to recognize nervous system states
  • Tools for recognizing states and how to work with them as an educator
  • Practice in embodiment, or feeling and noticing your own body
  • Understanding hot topics, or activation in your educational programs and what to do about it

This program is included in the PPNE program, but is a stand alone course as a prerequisite for professionals taking our Tools for Facilitators course. You can find it in our Classwomb™: https://birth-psychology-classwomb.teachable.com/courses.  The fee for non PPNE students is $90 for members, $150 for non members.