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This month’s Letter from the President appears in the Somatic Psychotherapy Today Magazine’s Fall 2016 Issue.  Please visit their resourceful and insightful website here:

President's Letter August, 2016​

As current president of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, APPPAH, I would like to tell you more about our professional organization.  Science is revealing that prenatal and perinatal experiences have a profound impact on the brain and psychological development of the unborn and newborn baby, and therefore the subsequent quality of health and human behavior in adulthood.  APPPAH has been studying these factors for over 30 years and has much information to share with parents, professionals and the public. 

We see that life is a continuum which starts before conception, not after birth.  During this formative period, parents and babies are not isolated from each other, but fundamentally interconnected.  A loving, supportive prenatal and perinatal experience inspires healthy bonding and attachment. With strong prenatal bonding, increased sensitivity and awareness of others naturally develops which has long-term consequences for both individual relationships, personal health and for society. Ultimately, conscious womb ecology reveals itself in healthy world ecology as the seeds of love and peace, or fear and violence, are sown in the unborn and newborn baby.

APPPAH focuses attention on the life-changing discoveries being made in the first period of human development, from preparation for pregnancy through the postpartum period and establishment of breastfeeding. We do this by providing valuable directories and resources such as the media center for parents and professionals on our website: In addition, APPPAH publishes a monthly updated e-newspaper -The Conscious Baby ( - featuring current research, headlines and articles in our field of study.  Our education department provides online education of the 11 module prenatal and perinatal psychology education course (PPNE) for professionals, as well as an upcoming, online Conscious Baby Parenting course.  You will want to read more about APPPAH's education department in the article by our education director, Kate White, on page __ of this magazine.

In addition to online education, APPPAH holds annual regional and biannual international congresses, inviting pioneering speakers who expand your professional knowledge.  An archive of these recorded talks are available to purchase on our website.

The Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (JOPPPAH) is our quarterly, peer reviewed professional journal.  We print leading-edge articles in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology and health, thus providing another opportunity for you to publish your work. The journal editor welcomes original papers in the field of birth psychology and may be contacted at  The electronic edition of the journal is a benefit of membership.

As a practitioner in the frontier fields of birth psychology and somatic psychology, I invite you to join the APPPAH family as a member, participant and supporter of this great work.  As a professional association, we are here to serve you and your needs for expanding your knowledge and professional community.  We welcome you as a new or returning member to our thriving and expanding community. 

If you are an active student, you are also invited to apply for another gift from APPPAH.  A free one-year membership is being offered to students who are pursuing degrees in fields related to Maternal/Child and Family studies.  Our desire is to offer APPPAH's valuable information concerning Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology to students who are studying about human development and the effects of the MotherBaby bond and Family dynamics. Please send your application with your personal information to for review. Your name, email address, phone number, physical address & a paragraph with your description of your study, focus and interest in APPPAH.  We look forward to you joining us in this enlightening and important work.

Other offers in the month of September include 20% off of our full PPNE course for everyone and 50% off of our PPNE Innovations (Somatics) Lectures for enrolled students.  Our Monday LIVE Lecture Series begins in September and goes through December.  Don’t miss these LIVE exchanges with leaders of the field.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Monday LIVE Schedule 

September:  Foundations
12:  Introduction to Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology with Susan Highsmith, PhD
19:  Past Trauma Impacts Women’s and Girls’ Experiences During the Preconception, Prenatal and Early Parenting Periods: Potential Consequences for Their Developing Babies with Ann Weinsten
26:  12 Guiding Principles for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology with Marti Glenn, PhD

October:  Ethics
3:  Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
10:  Ethics with Kylea Taylor
17:  Ethics with Darcia Narvaez, PhD
24:  Somatics or Special Guest

November:  Prenatal Development and Epigenetics
7:  Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
14:  Epigenetics; how the environment impacts our biology, and that of our children even before conception with Charan Surdhar
21:  Application of Epigenetics to PPN Practices with Marti Glenn
28:  Somatics or Special Guest

December:  Neuroscience
5: Tour of the Classroom and Technical Questions
12: Dancing with Yin and Yang with John Chitty
19: Applications of Polyvagal Theory in PPN with Kate White
26:  Narrative Medicine with Elsa Asher





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