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February found APPPAH serving babies and families in a number of dynamic and expansive ways! The beginning of February, APPPAH's medical director, Joel Evans MD, and I had the privilege of meeting with several other international members of the Childbirth and Early Parenting Principles (CEPP's) team at the United Nations 55th Session of Social and Economic Development to introduce our ideas to help eradicate the effects of poverty and violence in the world.  CEPP's focus is the MotherChild bond matters and that poverty consciousness and violence begin in the womb.  By focusing our economic output on the first three years of life, countries and cities can save up to $7.00 for every $1.00 spent.  CEPP's, along with several other UN based organizations are working diligently to move the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) forward. 
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about APPPAH at the UN.
CEPP's executive director, Valerie Unite from France, met with Rima Salah PhD, chair of the UN's Early Childhood Peace Consortium, where she was also asked to speak of the CEPP's manifesto.  Following our presentation, CEPP's was invited to become a member of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH - The Partnership).  The partnership is hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and joins together the sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health communities (SRMNCAH) to work on this worldwide problem. 
As you may remember, we announced at our 2013 International Congress our goal to become involved with the UN/SDG's in order to bring our important perspective of The Conscious Baby and early brain development, in utero, further onto the international policy stage.  We shared that APPPAH would soon become involved with UN proceedings concerning the MotherBaby and childhood matters.  As an incentive, we set a goal: along with other international groups, to receive the International Peace Prize in 2030.  I believe we are well on our way to achieving that goal for Mother's, Father's and Babies of the world.  As is said, "Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll fall among the stars." We're on our way.
Does your organization support CEPP? During 2017, the CEPP's team will be working to identify maternal child organizations around the USA that may be interested in joining us.  If you are working with an organization concerning the MotherBaby and Childhood aspects of this work, please go onto the CEPP's website and sign on your support.  We hope to have thousand of signatures in support to bring to the UN meetings in 2018.  We are beginning our pilot project work with selected cities that will be working to test the implementation of CEPP's Seven Principles.  We invite anyone who may be interested in volunteering to work on the APPPAH/CEPP's committee to please notify our administrative director, Danielle Burns, at  
Birth Psychology Month begins March 1.  You can find extensive FREE resources, programs and social media shares to help us spread the word on our dedicated Birth Psychology Month website. One is that a new format for memberships will be introduced that allows you to renew your membership every March and receive your JOPPPAH subscription, along with a free lecture or program, quarterly.  See our many other benefits of APPPAH membership. I do hope that you will bring at least one of your colleagues into the APPPAH family.  We have so much to offer as a professional "home base" and we invite you to consider strongly this opportunity to help your community grow. 
In Utero 2 Is In Production! Kathleen and Stephen Glyllenhaal, director and producer of the documentary film, In Utero, have begun work on In Utero 2.  With the first film they "named the problem" and now they will go on to address other aspects of how to avoid these traumas and bring forth the natural resiliency inbred in us all.
In Utero has been well received in several countries and they Gyllenhaals are very pleased with APPPAH's efforts to provide the In Utero Film Discussion and Resource Guidefor your educational use.  You can watch Stephen Gyllenhaal talk about the film and guide in this MondayLIVE Lecture from February 20, 2017. Several international APPPAH members have been willing to volunteer their time and talents to translate the discussion guide into various languages. You can find the new DUTCH translation of the guide here, thanks to Sylvia Verduin!  
If you would like to help us with this endeavor, or have questions concerning the guide, please contact Lisa Reagan at
Practitioner Board Created. As the demand grows for expert representation in multiple and diverse fields, and as APPPAH continues to develop programs to meet educational demands, the need for a practitioner advisory board is clear.  Read more about this new "round table" below and email Kate White if you feel called to serve at
We need to continue influencing the lives of those around us and build a strong professional foundation for this magnificent work that we all love.  Please do your part by looking into the many free resources, materials and programs offered during Birth Psychology Month!
Sandra Bardsley
APPPAH President
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